Our Specialties

the specialists visiting vivant clinic include

Hair Transplant

Skin/Cosmetology/Hair Transplant

Internal medicine
General Medicine


and Hepatology





Adolescent & Child
Psychiatry</Adolescent and child psychiatryh5>


About Us

‘VIVANT’ is a French word which means ‘LIVING’

Vivant Clinic is an effort from a team of doctors to help our patients live to
fullest and healthiest. The spirit of this clinic is not just to treat diseases and
take care of of health problems, we strive to make every life we touch some
what better, healthier and happier.

Our team of doctors includes physician (M.D Medicine), Dermatologist
(M.D Skin), Cardiologist (D.M Cardiology), Gastroenterologist
(D.M Gastroeterology)  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (D.M) Together we all provide a place to our patients where
they can come and get advice for their health related needs and give them an
ethical, friendly, genuine, trustworthy and qualified specialist treatment and
advice. We practice medicine as a science and an art with treating our patients
with compassion empathy with latest medical treatment.


Striae/ stretch Mark’s

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Chemical Peels

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Losing Hair!!!

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Platelet Rich Plasma

It is prepared from your own blood wherein blood is drawn from one of your peripheral veins and then centrifuged to remo.....

Google Reviews

Here are few of the feedback comments given by our patients.

Patients Reviews

Here are few of the feedback comments given by our patients.