Premature Greying of hair

Greying of hair is considered premature if it occurs before the age of 20 years in whites, 25 years in asians and 30 years in the black skin.

Premature Greying of hair

Premature Greying of hair

Certain genetic, nutritional and environmental factors seem to play a role in its causation


Family history of the same in the family may be a predisposing factor

Among the nutritional factors it may be associated with low levels of vitamin B12 and calcium, iron deficiency( low serum ferritin levels), chronic protein loss, copper deficiency and low vitamin D levels.

Autoimmune diseases like hypo or hyperthyroidism or pernicious anemia may also be associated with it.

Smoking , use of harsh chemicals and excessive exposure to sunlight may also damage the melanin producing cells in the hair by causing oxidative damage.

Atopic diathesis (that is history of allergy )may predispose to early greying of hair.

Certain drugs like chloroquine etc may also be causative factors.

Treatment focuses on treating any underlying cause if found

Oral supplementation of calcium pantothenate has been shown to prevent its progression

Topical melitane 5% helps.

Avoid frequent use of hair dryers and hair straighteners.

Avoid use of harsh chemicals on the hair.

Hair dye should be applied properly avoiding contact with
the scalp.

Do not expose the grey hair to bright sunlight.

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