Striae/ stretch Mark’s

Stretch marks after pregnancy or other reasons may be distressing. here is how to prevent and treat them

Striae/ stretch Mark’s

Striae/ stretch Mark’s

Stretch marks develop as a result of excessive stretching of the skin leading to breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue in the dermis.

They are common in areas of excessive skin stretching like the buttocks,thighs, knees,calves, upper arms, abdomen and lower back.

There is some genetic predisposition also.

They develop during pregnancy, adolescence when there is rapid increase in muscle mass, rapid weight gain or loss, prolonged use of oral or topical steroids, obesity, Cushing’s syndrome, or marfan,s syndrome.

Striae are red initially ( striae rubra) this is the time when they are most responsive to treatments…Gradually they become atrophic and white( striae alba)

The various treatments used for striae are
Glycolic acid
Ascorbic acid,hyaluronic acid
Chemical peels like TCA, Glycolic acid peels
Platelet rich plasma
Fractional lasers
Microneedling radiofrequency( MnRF).

They all help in collagen induction thereby improving the appearance of stretch marks

Combination of treatments may be advised depending on individual needs.

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